HP Printer Excellence and damage solving solutions

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The name Hewlett-Packard (HP) is no longer familiar as the leading player in the world printer market. HP offers a product of printing equipment that is trusted by many circles at a price that is now increasingly affordable. Existing HP printer products use ink jet and laser technology.

HP Printer Excellence and damage solving solutions
HP Printer Excellence and damage solving solutions

Both technologies have their own advantages. Ink jet printers use wet ink in the process of the mold so it is sometimes necessary to wait briefly for the ink to be printed on the paper to dry out. The print result with wet ink is still nicer and smoother, than using a dot matrix printer that uses a kind of carbon ribbon.

How ink Jet printers work using DOR on demand technique. That is, in printing, there is spraying small dots of ink that is sprayed through a small pipe hole (nozzle) to the paper. If on an HP printer, the ink will be heated so that the bubble presses towards the nozzle that eventually spray onto the paper with the printed form as per the data received from the computer.
Meanwhile, for laser printers, make use of the way it works like copiers. The ink used is powder ink, or often called a toner. This ink dries faster. In addition, laser printers have higher print capabilities as well as copiers. Just that, the price is quite expensive and rarely used as a home printer.

Ink Jet type printers become the current favorite printers. The price is quite cheap and the ink can be tricked by recharge when discharged, without the need to buy a new cartridge. In some types of HP printers, ink jet printers are equipped with scan and photocopy features. Without the need to plug into a computer, the printer is able to print the document by inserting the paper to be copied to the scan board.
In addition, there are also HP ink jet printers that are equipped with Bluetooth feature. Just by sending a photo or document data from a device that has Bluetooth to the printer, data can be automatically printed immediately. At least people choose a laser printer as a home printer, more due to reason needs. Office or printing business may prefer laser printers as an option. For home conditions, ink jet printers are sufficient to meet the needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of HP printers
In the business of printers, especially ink jets, the main rival of HP printers among them is the touristic Canon and Epson products. Currently, these three manufacturers are racing for the largest market share for printer products. Each product has its own distinctive features to attract loyal customers. It is a way for consumers to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each printer brand.
For HP printers, a review of ink jet printer products often revealed through cyberspace is as follows:

HP printers are capable of detecting active printers. This Printer can run even though it only wears one cartridge, either black or color. When the cartridge is damaged or not inserted in the cartridge in place, the HP printer system can recognize and give warning through the monitor screen. This makes it easy for a user to estimate a printer problem when it is splurging at any time to print.
Although HP printer cartridges can be tricked by filling, the new price of the ink engine is somewhat cheaper. In the sense, the amount of money that must be spent is comparable to the total number of prints that can be done. When the economical age of the cartridge ends in the presence of damage, consumers can still reach to buy new cartridges. Most, problems in HP printers occur because the cartridge is worn because of normal wear.

How to refill the cartridge is quite easy. Although this way is not recommended by HP, the cartridge can be refilled using injectable inks that are widely sold in computer stores or office tools. The refill price is reasonably priced and can be done by yourself according to the instructions listed on the refill ink packaging.

Problem of noise, the sound generated by HP printers is not too noisy. Whether it’s ink jet or laser jet, the sound is more “gentle”.
With the many types issued, the price of HP printers offered is more affordable than its competitors. Consumers can choose as needed.
These printers rarely emit an “error” message. So, users are more comfortable to wear printers.
The print results look sharper, smoother, and don’t have to wait long. The ability to print HP printers is pretty fast.
Behind these advantages, there are several weaknesses found. However, this weakness does not really interfere with the overall printer work. Such weaknesses are as follows:

Memory usage for printing data is large enough. Occasionally, it may be found a case if the printer does not print immediately after pressing the “print” button on the computer. For files with large enough size it takes a while to wait before the print process is done or sometimes the computer needs to be restarted to straighten the printer back.

When refilling the color cartridge, there is sometimes a color that does not want to come out. It could be, one of the efforts of the manufacturer for the use of cartridges that target only disposable, not maximum usage when used repeatedly.

On the old output HP printer type, use a separate adapter with the printer. However, in the latest output there are changes so it is more concise.

Some HP Printer problems and Solutions
His name is also electronic goods, HP printers do not rarely have problems along with the duration of use. All HP printers sold are not from the black market, have a one-year warranty period. During that time, the printer machine is not damaged and could be claimed if problems were found during the warranty period. However, there are some parts that are not guaranteed, such as cartridges.
When HP printers encounter problems or damage, especially ink jet types, there are certain signs that appear physically. From there, users can estimate the damage. Some of these issues include:

  1. The Printer is flashing and unwilling to print. The cause is likely on a damaged cartridge or dirty cartridge connector. If the cartridge is damaged, it must be replaced. If there is a dirty yellow connector, simply wipe the wet tissue with a condition without power flow. Cartridges that did not work after the connectors were cleaned, allegedly strongly suffered damage.
  2. The print results overlap. It is possible to have dirt on the plastic transverse on the cartridge. Clean the plastic into the encoder. When dirty, the encoder is less working maximum in reading data.
  3. Ink does not go out when it is still filled with ink in the cartridge. It could be that ink dries or agglomerate around the head. To re-launch, fill the small bowl with hot water and soak the head at about two to three minutes. Afterwards, shake and soak a minute and let the ink blend in the water. Dry the head with tissue. Just paste a couple of times on the head to lift the water and avoid rubbing it.
  4. The prepared paper does not want to fit into the printer for printing. There may be foreign bodies blocking the paper path. For example, a piece of paper that has paper clocks or other objects. Check it out and convince the net of the barrier. If there is no barrier, the press roller is broken and must be replaced.
  5. The Printer dies as if there is no electric current in. First, check that your electric current is still there or not. Furthermore, if the electricity is normal, the probability of damage is present in the adapter or possible mainboard printer. Use a test pen or multimeter to see the conditions of the electric current in each section.
  6. Paper does not come out perfectly after printing. It is suspected that the screws are not strong. Try to check the mechanics.